We are proud to present this short, written by our own Michael Chau and Directed by our co-conspirator, John Scherer.

“The end of the world is a conundrum. On the one hand, the complete annihilation of society and life as we know it is incomprehensibly terrifying. On the other though, there’s something a little exhilarating about it, isn’t there?  In a world burdened by complications and uncertainty, maybe it would be nice to give it all up for a life as a roving ravager, touring the wicked wasteland with your gang of pals.”

-Michael Chau

Directed By John Scherer
Written By Michael Chau
Producer Sean George
Director of Photgraphy Nic Somera
Edited by John Scherer

Emily Churchill, Sean George, William-Patrick Coleman,
Samira Beija Izquierdo, and Ryan Miller




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