Her Name Was No One, directed by our very own Sean George, has circled back to Los Angeles on the festival circuit as part of the 7th annual Noho Cinefest

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And as a follower of all things Heckler Films, use the promo code “noho50” to save 50% off your screening or all access pass.

Some detail on the short film from our partner Lonesome Tree Productions’ website (www.lonesometree.org):

Two battered and cunning sisters unleash hell in a desert town plagued by a ruthless gang of cut-throats.

Lonesome Tree’s latest film Her Name Was No One is our biggest and best film to date. Filmed on the dusty streets of The Whitehorse Movie RanchHer Name Was No One is an electrifying and suspenseful homage to the Italian and Spanish “Spaghetti” Westerns of the 1960’s. With it’s colorful photography, sweeping score, and exceptional performances, Her Name Was No One is the crown jewel of  Lonesome Tree’s body of work.

​Directed by Sean George and produced by Paige Smith and Danielle Argyros, Her Name Was No One was nine months in the making and represents the collaboration of  several, talented artists from all different backgrounds. It boasts classic, western cinematography by Reid Stover, a  masterful score, composed by accomplished musician, Matt Marron, and first-rate performances by; Sal Neslusan, Danielle Argyros, Paige Smith, Schuyler Mastain, Scott Sheldon, Paolo Cesar, and Wes McGee. Check our Upcoming Festivals section for  screening information and festival updates.

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