Conversations at the End of the World: Prepared

We are proud to present this short, written by our own Michael Chau and Directed by our co-conspirator, John Scherer. "The end of the world is a conundrum. On the one hand, the complete annihilation of society and life as we know it is incomprehensibly terrifying. On the other though, there's something a little exhilarating…Read more Conversations at the End of the World: Prepared


"Online dating can be MURDER" Borderline Criminal Productions recently dropped the trailer for our recent co-production Swipe Left and we are simply pleased as punch. Swipe left is a short horror film in the vein of John Carpenter thrillers like Halloween. Director/Writer Kevin Mosteller's take on online dating platforms, through the lens of a throw-back 80's horror…Read more SWIPE LEFT TRAILER DROPS!

Los Angeles Short Film Fest: March 10th – Tickets Available

UPDATE: Get up and Go will be shown in the 5pm block on Saturday, March 10th. Venue: Promenade Playhouse 1404 3rd St, Santa Monica CA For more details go to: Follow this link for your tickets. Be sure to get tickets for Saturday the 10th:  

One City, Two Views – Release

Such a joy to do this project with the very talented Simone McAlonen and Alex Alpharoah! We had an amazing time getting to know the city of Los Angeles even better.   Written & Performed by Simone McAlonen & Alex Alpharoah Shot & Directed by Sean George Edited by Ryan Miller Producer Simone McAlonen