Los Angeles Short Film Fest: March 10th – Tickets Available

UPDATE: Get up and Go will be shown in the 5pm block on Saturday, March 10th. Venue: Promenade Playhouse 1404 3rd St, Santa Monica CA For more details go to: https://www.lasff.com/2018.html Follow this link for your tickets. Be sure to get tickets for Saturday the 10th: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/shoppingcart?mfid=1519580945441_764f2e2df12ee&flowlogging_id=764f2e2df12ee#/checkout/shoppingCart  

Maria Ciampa’s Diary of a Gen-X-tra Awkward Girl

Maria Ciampa is someone I've know for years going back to hot mess comedy shows back in Boston. You may also recognize her as Detective Bloomfield from our film DICKRIPPER. Maria called me one day saying that she's been going through her old diaries and she wants to do a series. I asked her, "how many do…Read more Maria Ciampa’s Diary of a Gen-X-tra Awkward Girl

One City, Two Views – Release

Such a joy to do this project with the very talented Simone McAlonen and Alex Alpharoah! We had an amazing time getting to know the city of Los Angeles even better.   Written & Performed by Simone McAlonen & Alex Alpharoah Shot & Directed by Sean George Edited by Ryan Miller Producer Simone McAlonen

DickRipper Takes Silver at the Planet 9 Film Festival

Over the weekend, DICKRIPPER was featured at Death Cat's Planet 9 Film Festival: a madcap, underground event, celebrating weird, independent cinema from all over the world. We faced off against an impressive foray of films and took home the silver, earning our place between the sexy, satirical FETISH FACTORY and the hilariously bizarre SUPER FUN…Read more DickRipper Takes Silver at the Planet 9 Film Festival